Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman at 2012 New York Reiki Conference, Part 2

by Columbia Surgery on October 26, 2012

By Raven Keyes, Author of The Healing Power of Reiki, A Modern Master’s Approach to Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellness

Having given an overview of research and his observations about the power of Reiki to help patients before, during, and after surgery, Dr. Feldman then introduced someone he proclaimed to be “the most important person here to prove the power of Reiki.” Dr. Feldman left the podium and brought his patient, Christina Ascher, up before the microphone.

Dr. Sheldon Feldman and Christina Ascher

Dr. Sheldon Feldman and Christina Ascher

A renowned opera singer who has spent most of her career singing abroad, Christina shared how her terror of needles and ‘white coat syndrome’ were kept to a minimum by the Reiki sessions we shared. This was of immeasurable value to her, since her protocol began with six months of chemotherapy, which meant needles and white coats were ever present. Christina praised her doctors, Dr. Martin Oster and Dr. Feldman, stating that they were both “healers” in the truest sense of the word. She spoke of how she trusted me as a Reiki master from the very first phone call we shared when she was diagnosed, and as she said, “I knew from the very first moment that we would get through this together. And after more than a year, I can say that’s exactly what we did.”

During her talk, Christina continuously praised Reiki, which helped her to happily accept “all sorts of stuff,” like the chemotherapy that would treat her cancer. The Reiki sessions she had on the Wednesdays before her chemo sessions made her calm, yet energized, and Reiki helped her to live in the “NOW” rather than worry about things coming in the future. Christina spoke of how Reiki got her through the worst of the chemotherapy symptoms of bone and joint pain that pills didn’t help; only Reiki took the pain away, which she could now conjure up the feeling of, even when she was not with me. And she told us that with so many different doctors taking care of separate parts of her, she felt like all the pieces of her Self were flying away from her along with her hair, eye lashes, eye brows and toe nails – as if all the parts of her were moving farther and farther away, out of her reach. Reiki was the only thing that brought all these pieces back together, back to her very own center.

And then Christina spoke of her surgery day, which was, in her own words, “pure Reiki.” As she described, this was because I gave her a Reiki blast in the hug we shared just as she arrived at the hospital. Then I kept giving her Reiki all daybefore surgery, during her pre-surgery nerve block procedure, in the operating room during her mastectomy and plastic surgery, as well as after surgery, until she had recovered enough to have her family with her. Christina reported that after all the Reiki she had received that day, pain management was rather simple. She didn’t need much pain medication, and from the huge bottle of pain pills she was sent home with from the hospital, she took only five – pain was minimal, in spite of all the surgery she had endured.

In her own words, radiation was “not so challenging.” She even composed a piece of music based on the sound of the radiation machine that went on to have a world premiere in a New York City theater!

Christina pointed out that thanks to Reiki and her awakened spirituality, she now feels stronger than ever, is singing, teaching and inspiring composers to write original music for her to sing. She is meditating daily and doing Reiki self-treatments, and sometimes giving Reiki treatments to others, “Because.” she said, “I’ve recently had the privilege to study Reiki under the wise and loving guidance of Raven Keyes, and to become a Reiki master. I’d say I’ve returned to my roots as a centered, satisfied and complete person.”

I couldn’t find a dry eye in the NYRC audience.

To learn more, see Raven Keyes’ newly released book, The Healing Power of Reiki, A Modern Master’s Approach to Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellness.

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