Living Donor Transplantations in NY MED

by Columbia Surgery on August 3, 2012

Previously on NY Med, we have seen cameras intimately follow both doctors and their patients as they went through the arduous and sometimes frustrating process of transplantation and surgery. The show has become a platform to highlight awareness of the organ donation shortage and how it affects so many waiting for a transplant.

The scarcity of donor organs is a well-known clinical challenge. Currently there are over 18,000 people waiting for a liver transplant in the United States, but just over 6,000 deceased donor livers become available each year. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital offers the possibility of earlier transplantation to those in need through our Living Donor program. During living donor liver transplantation, surgeons remove a portion of the healthy donor’s liver for transplantation into the recipient. This procedure is made possible by the liver’s unique ability to regenerate: the partial liver in both the donor and the recipient grow and remodel to form complete, functioning organs.  For patients in need, this can be a life saving option. New York Presbyterian Hospital has one of the largest and most experienced living donor liver programs in North America. We have performed over 230 living donor transplants since the program’s inception with excellent outcomes for our donors and recipients.

On August 8th we hosted a Columbia Surgery Blog Talk Radio to chat with the innovative transplant surgeon Tomoaki Kato, MD and the Surgical Director of Living Donor Liver Transplant Program Benjamin Samstein, MD. Participants called in and sent emails to these “NY MED doctors” to ask them about their experience on NY Med, living donor liver transplantation as well as more specific details about the cases on the show. An archived version of this program is available below:

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