Whole Living Features Reiki, Raven Keyes, and NYP/Columbia Surgeon

by Columbia Surgery on October 30, 2012

The most recent issue of Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine featured an article, How Reiki Supports Health: Q&A with Author and Reiki Master Raven Keyes covering Raven’s extensive work with Sheldon Marc Feldman, MD, Chief of Breast Surgery and Associate Professor of Surgery, New-York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.

Raven Keyes, author of the The Healing Power of Reiki, cited Dr. Feldman as well as other NYP/Columbia personnel in the article:

“. . .since I work with the Chief of Breast Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I can simply point out to skeptics that Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, a doctor whose work in the field of breast cancer is respected throughout the world, recommends me to his patients. His trust in Reiki is based on his own clinical observations of the beneficial results he see; i.e. blood pressure remains steady on the operating table, less pain medication is needed after surgery, and the patients just do better overall.

“Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD, assistant professor of medical oncology at Columbia University, is a star researcher who is leading much of the current investigation into the use of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine among breast cancer survivors, including Reiki. Admittedly, much more research needs to be done, but the results with patients are so dramatic that there are doctors, led by the example of Dr. Feldman, who wish for their patients to have Reiki, even while we await the research results to further demonstrate its benefits.”

Keyes first introduced Reiki to NYP/Columbia patients more than a decade ago, when she worked with Mehmet Oz, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery; Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Program.

Reiki in the Operating Room

Reiki in the Operating Room

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fred February 23, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Everyone deserves to be happy. In fact, this can only happen when there is abundance and prosperity which happen to be the basic principles of Reiki.
A good information in this post. I am going to read the article.

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